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This is the full documentation of RanCat, an open source Python Random conCatenation engine.

Use Cases

RanCat is a string generator that can use multiple text sources, including files, urls, native Python lists and tuples. What constitutes a word in a word list is simply an atomic entity in the source, e.g. a line in a file, or a value in a list. RanCat will generate pseudo-random strings that are suitable for use as :

  • CVS Branch Names
  • Database Names
  • Project/Repository Names
  • Online Avatar Names
  • Baby Names
  • and so on


pip install rancat

Basic Usage

from rancat import RanCat

r = RanCat()

# Load in our text sources
r.load(['red', 'orange', 'blue'])
r.load(['car', 'tractor', 'truck'])

# Generate a new string
>>> orange_truck
>>> red_tractor
>>> orange_tractor